Haskel 升壓泵维修保養

Haskel AG152 booster pump service


1. 是不能提升壓力。

2. 是氣方向運動的組件出了問題,即氣泵没有做出泵氣運動。

泵原因氣運部件(像調節器 ) 經過一段時O-ring老化及損耗,必需更換。

This is a Haskel AG152 booster pump which is a good quality, long lasting booster pump. Unfortunately, it not function due to lack of maintenance. Problems found in the pump is 1. not able to boost gas to high pressure - gas piston problem. 2. cycle vale not function properly that mean the pump piston not able to move for and back (not function as a pump). To solve problem is to change all worn o-rings and parts give a full service to the pump.  


service parts for air piston assy.

Major parts replaced on the pump body, special the air piston O-rings.

 service parts for gas piston

Gas piston control the gas pressure to rise, poor /worn parts result gas pressure not rise. 

service parts for air cycle valve

Air cycle valve control driven air direction in order to make the pump piston to go forward and back. 


Piston body assy.

Piston and O-ring

Gas piston body

gas inlet and outlet

after reassemble

Test use 1 tank as  driven gas 

source gas 60 cuf 1200 psi tank

outlet gas 30cuf with 2300 psi