OXYCHEQ 技術潛水儀器


Deluxe Adjustable Harness System One size fits most. A Fastex Clip on each chest, SS belt buckle. contoured and comfortable shoulder pads, two SS D-rings on each side of the chest and one on each hip, and a crotch strap with Fastex Clip.   

A soft STA (Single Tank Adapter) that serves two purposes.  It cradles the cylinder to prevent roll and compresses when the CAM buckle is engaged.  This allows the load to be taken by the Soft STA instead of the buckle.  

Sausage Weight Pocket for backplate spine. Can hold up to 4 pounds of shot lead. Zipper allows access to adjust weight requirements.  Grommets are on 11 inch centers  


Stainless Steel back plate  

Rebreather Hose Weights. Comes with fourteen Stainless Steel Rings to place on your Rebreather  Hoses.

55 lb Wing for Double Tank

Single 18 lb/30lb/40lb wing 


R22D oxygen sensor for many rebreathers use 

R17D oxygen sensor 

Stainless Steel Light Weight Single Tank Adapter with bolt kit. Fits any backplate with standard 11 inch holes. Requires two cam straps to hold tanks (not included). Approximately 10 ounces (283.4 grams)  

Designed for travel and warm water. Fits most wings with holes on an 11 inch center 15 inches (38cm) long. 2.2 Pounds (1kg)

The F-Pocket straps to your forearm via a Velcro strap. 3"x5" window that allows you to view a laminated set of table, deco schedule, or other mission critical information.  

Stainless Steel Two Inch D-ring. Fits two inch (50 mm) webbing 

Stainless Steel Two Inch Ring

Isolation valve with knurled grips 3/4" outer Dia. 

Stainless Steel Mini Single Tank Adapter with bolt kit. Bolt holes are off set from center so they can be turned to vary the distance between the STA. Will fit any size backplate and most tanks when placing on a backplate  

Pack of two (2ea.) Stainless Steel Bolt for attaching wings directly to soft harness  

Sliding D-Ring. fits Two Inch Webbing. Can be easily adjusted under water  

The Tri Fold Utility Pocket attaches to your waist harness. When folded, it is not much bigger than a wallet.  When fully opened, the expandable bellows allows enough room for a mask  

Y-Block 9/16-18 F To (2) 3/8-24F 

LP/HP  Pivot Swivel, L -Shaped, Streameline for Rebreathers, 3/8-24 Male TO 3/8-24 Female,(1 STRIPE) 360° Rotation  

Reusable Low Pressure Hose Connector  LP (3/8 - 24M). Allows user to repair LP to 1 st stage  

Reusable Low Pressure Hose Connector LP(3/8 - 24M). Allows user to repair or make custom hose  

K-type Power inflator. This slick looking power inflator fits all standard inflator hose systems. Standard low pressure inflator hose connector