PADI 水下金屬探測器潛水員專長課程

特別專長潛水課程是個別向PADI申請的專長課程,只有申請教練才可教授。水下金屬探測器潛水員專長課程就是經PADI 批准的專長潛水課程。主要教授如何在水中使用金屬探測器。費用HK$ 990包括次下潛及証書

PADI Underwater Metal Detector Diver Distinctive Specialty course 

PADI Distinctive specialty course is the course that apply direct from PADI. Instructor who design the course outline which meet PADI standard will be gained to teach the course. PADI Underwater Metal Detector Diver Distinctive Specialty course is to teach you how to use metal detector underwater. Cost HK$ 990 include class room session,  2 dives and certification card. 


PADI 全面鏡水員專長課程

全面鏡式潛水課。本訓練部提供特別專長潛水課程全面鏡式潛水有個人風格令你對潛水有另類發展本會採用專業AGA 消防/軍事使用的全面鏡,另有SCUBAPRO 全黑全面鏡給學員訓練學費 HK$ 950(包括儀器使用, 証書, 出海)

PADI Full Face Mask diver Distinctive Specialty course

We provide PADI Distinctive Full Face Mask specialty course. During this course you will have chance to use AGA and scubapro full face mask. Cost fee HK$ 950 (include: use of full face mask, open water dives, certification)

PADI 儀器專長課程


HK$1,500 包括 PADI C-card 及參考知料 

PADI Equipment Specialty Course

This course will let you learn more information about first and second stage, how they function. What to do during annual service. This course especially useful for diving instructor, divemaster, and person who interest in mechanical function of a regulator. You are welcome bring your own regulator for checking.

HK$1,500 included PADI C-card and notes


Details please contact: Thomas Cheung 2771 9195